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How to lower down cost for SME

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Do you ever face a problem where monthly overhead is just stressing you out? Do you ever have the feeling where you are working so hard but earning so less? We understand how you feel.

Monthly overhead is always the headache for a new business owners and entrepreneurs because it is a liability where businesses have to pay monthly just to maintain operation. If your office is operating at a high traffic flow, it usually comes with a very high rental fee.

Let's list everything out:

1. Rental - RM 3,000

2. Electricity bill including air-conditioning - RM 600

3. WiFi - RM 300

4. Other utilities (Water bill, stationery, water dispenser and cleaning service) - RM 300

Total monthly overhead: RM 4,200

What about initial set-up investment?

1. Furniture - RM2,000

2. Renovation & designing - RM 20,000

3. Business-grade printing machine - RM 15,000

4. Air-conditioner - RM 2,000

Total Investment: RM 39,000

So basically, to have a nicely furnished office space that would attract and impress your client would cost a minimum of RM39,000. Which also means that if you decide to start a business, you would need to dump in RM39,000, just to START. Not to mention the monthly overhead that costs RM4,200 for utilities and rental, and what about salary?

So WHY throw in such a huge amount of funding into renovating which is something that does not give you direct and immediate return?

What if we tell you there is a solution for all the above?

A coworking space give you all the above with a much much lower cost and commitment that allows you to achieve all the benefits mentioned above! Quarters Coworking Space provides serviced office that eliminates the trouble of you worrying about monthly overheads and give you better cash flow control to jump start and ignite your business! By focusing your funding on elements that gives you immediate revenue and profit, your business would be able to grow much faster!

Not to mention that a coworking space is actually a platform for connection and networking! Quarters Coworking Space aims to create a community filled with like-minded people and would organize networking events regularly to make sure all our tenants would be able to grow their own innovative ideas and bring them into life!

Visit Quarters Coworking Space to find out more!

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