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Choosing The Right Workspace Element That suits You

What comes into your mind when someone mentioned a workspace? Tables, chairs, internet, location etc. But there's more than that.

Working Desk

Why desk is important you asked? Well, a desk might seem like a standard furniture to have, but it is more than what meets the eyes.

Size Matters

Yes, it does and we all know it (jokes). But when it comes to certain industries such as interior designers which need space for multiple screens and space for sketching and noting on paper, a big desk is definitely a must to allow maximum work efficiency.

On the other hand, sometimes if you know how to use it, smaller stuffs can do wonders too (jokes x2)! Smaller desk can mean lower expenses, and to some companies or freelancers, it means huge difference! For example, a graphic designer who only need a laptop and a backpack to work, don't have to pay for a fixed workstation (meaning lower monthly commitment) or a cabinet (everything stores in electronic version) to keep their documents.


Location is definitely a big element to take into consideration when it comes to workspace.

For companies that often meet with their clients in their office, you wouldn't want to let your client circling around your office, looking for parking slots in the super expensive rental and busy commercial area where banks and famous restaurants are nearby (trust me you don't want that to happen, for both yourself and your client).

As for companies that only want an office that is cheap and just bombard workers into the shop lot in the rural area where there's no life at all, you might wanna think again: safety of your worker (which affects your employees turnover rate, and have to spend more on training new employee), company image towards your employees (do not underestimate the power of your employee, they are the best WORD OF MOUTH marketing for your company) and so on.

More elements to take into consideration!

There are tons of elements that you must consider when it comes to choosing your workspace, DO NOT try to save the small cost of getting the RIGHT THINGS for your business, it usually turns out to be WAY MORE COSTLY that it could be when you have to change and move.

OR, you could turn to people who already figured all the elements out and providing them as a service just like Quarters Coworking Space, a co-working space in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, providing premium working environment that boosts productivity and creativity, at a convenient location without having to worry about traffics and parking slot!

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