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How To Find The Right Location For Your Office

Location, location, location. Why does everybody focuses on location? Isn't office somewhere we just do our back-end work with?

It is about how you utilize your office.

Think about it, why does big corporate spend big bucks for their office, we all know big companies always have their offices in the prime business district where property prices are crazy high?

Usually, businesses would have meetings with clients in their office. It is important to project yourself into a presentable image in the minds of your client, at the same time providing convenience for them to get to your office, to better secure the deal.

Convenience in travelling

We all heard and understand the saying of Time is Money, so why do you want to spend so much of your precious time stuck in traffic or finding a parking space? If you hate to stuck in traffic or wasting time finding a parking space, neither does your client.

Which is why location is always important for your office, and the same goes to any types of outlet you are having.

Benefits of having great workspace.

Besides that, great working environment can improve the productivity and also retain talents in your company. With millennial (a.k.a. Gen Y) joining the workforce and starting entrepreneurship, it is important to have a better working environment, as millennial focuses more on their own well-being and comfort when it comes to work.

You'll probably heard about work-life balance a million times, this indicates that the workforce are being brainwashed into a state where they prioritize their experience (both in life, and work) more than their actual pay.

Remember how people would say dress to impress, or dress to respect the occasion? Yes, it goes the same for your office, both interior and exterior.

With a better working environment, entrepreneurs, employees can benefit from: 1. Greater productivity 2. Facilitate the exchange of knowledge with coworkers/ colleagues 3. Company Image Building

4. Healthy workspace culture

5. ...and more!

So must you spend big bucks in renovating your office or get into a prime location, in order to be successful?

Not necessarily.

This is where Quarters Coworking Space, or some other co-working space in your region do their magic. Without having to invest big bucks which could take a tow in your business operations, you can enjoy the luxury of having a delicately designed working environment. Paying less to get more, isn't it something that we all always dreamed of?

Check out their socials below to learn more: Website:

Making full use of your budget.

Only having to pay a monthly rental (which you have to, even if you rent your own shoplot office), you can save up on other overheads such as electricity bill, water bill, internet bill, and others (Noted: having to settle those bills separately creates more workload which could affect your productivity).

Last but not least, co-working spaces such as Quarters Coworking Space focuses on community building where entrepreneurs or employees get the chance to connect with each other,both inside and outside of work, emphasizes a healthy relationship within workspace which could foster more collaboration and improve working experience.

Drop by to check out the space.

To drop by for a visit (Quarters Coworking Space is located in Johor Bahru), click here to make your appointment. And as an appreciation for those of you who stayed till the end of this article, we are giving out 5 seats for a 7-days free trial for those who are interested to experience co-working. (P.S. Include "QCS-A" in the details to redeem)

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