Private office space that requires special access card to access, providing upmost privacy. Private room that accommodates up to 5 of your team members.

    Suitable for IT, Designers, Accountants and other admin industries that require tons of paperwork or a desktop to carry out their business operation.


    Open space concept workspace that encourages communication and networking between members and encourage creative thinking through the non-constricting working environment.

    Suitable for entrepreneurs that prefer connection building and the exchange of business knowledge.


    A membership that provides access to any open seats in the common area that comes with power supply and wireless internet access. Just show up, set up and get to work.

    Suitable for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and sales executives that are highly mobile, at the same time being able to enjoy cost saving and work space comfort.


    Membership that allows members to rent business address to conduct business activities and handling of mail and parcels.

    Suitable for sole proprietors that spend less time in office.

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Quarters Coworking Space 
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