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Read This Before You Pay Your New Office Rental Deposit

Starting your own business or planning to expand your business?

We get it, it is all fun and exciting when you are starting or expanding your business. Your adrenaline is boiling and your emotion peaking, all of us had that feeling when we are starting out or expanding our own business, after all, it is good that we are moving forward.

However, don't be carried away by the adrenaline or the excitement, we have to think forward and plan carefully to avoid misapplication of our hard-earned money!

The Dangers

Ask yourself, have you considered the following elements?

Have you thought about the renovation and setup?

Heads up for you, it includes: furnishing, network cabling, security access door, painting, furniture etc. Estimated to be around RM 25,000 to have a REGULAR & SIMPLE office.

Do you know about the rates of office utilities?

If you plan to have your office to be at prime location, monthly rental would cost you around RM 2,000 to RM 5,000.

On average, a normal shop lot with 2 air-conditioners and other facilities such as network equipment, laptops, printers etc, will cost around RM 600 - RM 700 monthly.

Also, WiFi internet cost! For commercial lot, average internet cost is around RM 200 - RM 300. And what about maintenance for air-conditioners, light bulbs, cleaning?

Which means that your monthly overheads will not just be about monthly rental!

So do the math, and plan out whether or not the monthly overhead is really something that you can afford, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

How do you imagine your office to look like

Why is this important? Well, first of all, you have to work in it, every single day, and your employees too! Who doesn't love a nice office to work in, and who can reject an offer of other companies' comfy office with a slightly better rate?

Second of all, it is a place for you and your client meets. Talk about impression and trust! Your office speaks louder than your mouth when it comes to first impression and trust building in your clients' mind.

What do you think?

Should you go for the office space? If you are able to, by all means!

What if you can't? Is it all gone? After all your hardwork, you can't even expand your business into a normal shop lot?

Here's a solution:

Quarters Coworking Space. As the name suggests, it is a sharing office. Why is this the solution? All the above elements, are well covered by Quarters Coworking Space, and you only have to pay the rental! If you have a team under 4 members, Quarters Coworking Space is definitely the choice for you!

Wish to know more about this great solution? Visit their website or drop them a message here to get in touch with their representative to see how they can provide you with the solution you need!

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