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Does Networking Matters?

"I should go out and talk to people.", "I need to make myself known by more people", "People I know won't help me much.", "What could my drinking buddies help me? We only hang out for drinks".

You will always hear these sentences from young adults entering early adulthood, especially from entrepreneurs or those who are trying to start a business.

What's the problem?

If you notice, the above statements are very much self-centered. Instead of "US", they focus a lot on the word "I" or "Me". This is where it becomes the problem.

Networking does not matter which group of people you hang out with, or which place the "meeting" happened.

Networking and how it works

When we are talking about networking. It means the group as a whole, instead of just individuals happened to be at the same place. In the market place, the money flows around, anyone from a certain specialty or profession will do something that you are unable to do or can't relatively do more efficiently than others, in exchange of their effort and skill, you pay them.

Networking is more towards getting to know these people from these profession, looking for opportunity to use their service.

Key: You network to know what THEY DO. So that when you need their profession, you know where to find. NOT selling or introducing what YOU DO to them, hoping they could BUY YOURS.

It is the mindset that matters

You might say it is the same, but the mindset where you enter the "networking session", dictates how people perceive and see your service, and that would lead you to different places.

In short, when you join a networking session, don't expect to sell to people, but to know people. It is called networking, not promoting, for a reason.

Be sure to check out Quarters Coworking Space, a coworking space that emphasize on networking and community if you are looking for a working space that is more than just a space.

Nonetheless, knowledge is power, no matter whether it's about people, product knowledge or news.

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