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Why Co-working Space is the Next Big Thing

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

In the millennial generation, we seem the to have the common perception of having our own business and be a boss of ourselves where we do not have to take orders from others. But is this right? No one seem to have a correct answer for that.

The idea of having our own business seems cool as we would be able to afford ourselves and lessen the burden from our parents who afforded everything since we were young. However, most of the people doesn't really understand how businesses work and why 95% of the new startup fails.

Why 95% of the business failed and we still see a lot of successful business entrepreneur at such a young age?

Yes, there are some successful entrepreneurs out in the market, and majority of us aims to be like them, however, the problem is that we only see the bright sight of them being successful. There are tons of successful entrepreneurs that failed terribly several times, only to hit one successful project. They may have tried 10+ business that went up and running and failed over and over again, only to get that one project that went skyrocket. That is why instead of admiring the entrepreneurs, we have to be inspired to do great things by ourselves !

In the information age of 21st century, there are plenty of opportunities that are available to us and the resources that are up for grabs with platforms such as Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms, we have no reason not to try any crazy and innovative ideas that we have ! Nonetheless, to actually create a new business by ourselves, we have to have a thorough planning as to what we want to do and HOW to do it.

Why coworking when you can have your own office? Starting a new business requires more than just the financial supports, but networking. Network is an important aspect in a business as it would result in your business growth through the word-of-mouth and other means of bringing the words of your service or product out into the world. Beside that, for a business to function, you would require a fixed location for your suppliers and customers to reference that reflects your credibility and their operational requirement. However, to get your own office space would be a waste of your funding if you are unable to fill the whole of your office space. Also, presentation would be an aspect to consider since if your new company does not have much of a name out in the market, thus you would think of renovating your office space but it would be another huge toll on your funding. Not to say if you are only looking to rent for a short amount of time and projected to move to another place.

That is why coworking space is the solution to all the problems that you might face when you are starting up a new business. The idea of coworking space is to create a community and provide shared amenities to everyone. You only have to pay for a fraction of the rental and some service fees to maintain all the facilities, and you will have your "own" office space where you don't have to worry about all the miscellaneous stuffs and will be able focus on your business operation ! To sum coworking space up, it is "resources", "opportunities", "functionality" and "work-life balance" all in one package at a reasonable price that are way underated as per to what you're getting.

Collaborating with an award-winning interior designing firm, Quarters Coworking Space aims to provide the Finest coworking space in the whole of JB and be able to help out with new business startups to build their connection and enjoy working ! There will monthly events caters to social, fun and work-life balance.

Visit Quarters Coworking Space to find out more and book for a free tour to experience all of them first-hand !

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