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How To Save When You Spend

What you pay is what you get. But is it always true? In this article we will discuss how to spending smart instead of spending hard.

the way you buy

Before you make a decision on your purchase or your investment, what would you look at? If you are looking solely on price, sorry to tell you but the decision you made would be the most expensive method of making a purchase.

Why you asked? Whether you are a business owner, planning to start a new business, or just someone who are looking to buy something that you like, the smart way, this article will help you in making your wisest decision.

Save more by spending more

The more you spend, the more you save. You must be thinking: “You must be joking!”. Hurt to say it to you, but YES. Go ahead and ask around, your mom, your dad, your friends, anyone that you trust to give you an honest answer this question: “Is expensive stuffs better?” I believe you know the answer to expect.

Of course, some expensive stuffs are not necessarily better, and here’s what you should really be looking at: VALUES. What is the value that makes the product so expensive than the others?

So how does it save you cost when you are actually spending more? Why is buying cheaper products usually ends up being the most expensive way of a purchase decision?


If you are looking to buy a pair of shoes for running, what factors would you be looking at? How does it feel on your feet? What material is it made from? How does it look on you?

You will notice, the price is usually the last thing you would look at. Why? Because they are not the main element that affects your purchase!

Having the clear mind on what you are looking for is the right way to make your decision.

what about business?

When we are talking about business, it goes the same way! Whether it is a purchase for an asset that helps you with your production, or a leasing of an office for you and your employees to work at.

For some business owners or entrepreneurs, they would think: “It is just a place for me to work, why do I have to spend so much on renovating and setting up? I will just simply get a place with cheap rental and start operating my business.”

Hate it say it again, but with this decision, it is going to be the most expensive decision.

Still feeling doubtful? Well, let the 95% startups that failed tell you.

There are plenty of research that shows environment is one of the key things that significantly affects productivity, and what is the most important thing for business? You guessed it, productivity.

In order to get a good quality output, you must make sure the inputs are well prepared. Like the saying, good things don't come cheap.

Co-working Space

Quarters Co-working Space is the best co-working space in the region, with their delicately designed environment, creativity and productivity are guaranteed to boost, not to mention the psychological environment that it creates with the gathering of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs in a single location.

Besides that, clients would definitely be impressed and give you more credibility on your professionalism. Just like how professionals would always be in suit and tie.

Why is co-working the trend?

The trend of co-working is rising because it allows flexible allocation of resources.

Setting up your own office with great working environment often costs a huge amount of money, and that restricts the growth of the company (especially new startups), as the funding could be used on bringing in sales or improving product quality (better marketing, greater R&D budget, etc), instead of the fixed assets which doesn't bring in immediate effect into your company.

What's more, is that co-working space is a place for businesses to start building connections and reputation through personal relationship, the best method to foster strong bonds which could potentially lead to business opportunities or great networking channel (Both insanely important for business!).

Want to know more about co-working spaces? Drop any inquiries down at any of the platform listed below:- Website:



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