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4 Reasons shared office Can Help With Your Business

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Most companies have their rough early days before they hit the billion dollar idea and you will always hear the stories where they started working from their home garage or basement.

It is okay to work in the garage in the early days of your business, however, you can't always be meeting with your client or business partners in the local cafe or restaurants can you? Not to mention the all the distractions from your house, the chores, siblings' problems etc.

Which is why coworking space can be one of your solution to all these trouble. Unlike a library, coworking space is not just a place where there are tons of table and chairs and you just get a seat and work by yourself. Like Quarters Coworking Space, it is a place delicately designed and nurturing environment that boosts productivity of your daily task.

1. Community

A coworking space is where all the like-minded people with their own innovative and creative ideas gathers and strive to bring their ideas to life. With the people that have the same energy to move forward in their business and working around you, you will be more likely to work harder and have some sort of a positive competition with them, which at the end of the day would increase your productivity without taking a toll on yourself. Taking a break, chatting with coworkers and understanding their progress or their lifes is very much of a fun thing to do instead of a "duty", this would destress yourself, thus improving your mood and will be able to work better and focused, achieving greater results.

2. Cost Saving

Taking up a coworking space is actually very much cost efficient is you calculate them correctly! For example, if you are a freelancer that requires not much of a space to carry out your work, you do not need to taking up a whole office space that would usually cost you more than RM 3,000, which is still just the rental fee! Not to mention all the facilities and equipment you need to have in your own office to get the space ready for work.

Coworking space provides all of the above with just a reasonable price and that would allow you to control your cash flow and better finance your business!

We all know some people works in the cafe and their houses and that is actually much more cost efficient, provided you can carry out your work and get sales (without having tons of distraction), all from your laptop computer! Working alone a home have lots of distractions and sometimes when you completed a big deal, there is no one to celebrate with you and ends up you would feel very much lonely, physically and mentally. For those working at a local cafe, did you ever face the problem where you just need to rush to the toilet due to the spicy steamboat dinner you had yesterday and is worried about your stuff being left unattended at your cafe table? Or the times where the cafe is just too crowded and noisy and the place you got does not have a power plug for you to charge your laptop. These are all common issues faced by people who works in their local cafe.

3. Business opportunity

Sometimes your portfolio is very interesting, but investors or client just doesn't trust you! We know how it feels when you have a brilliant idea and you are just confident that it would be the jackpot of your career, but when we are new in the market with not much of a network, people just won't trust you when you don't have something for them to hold on to. Working in a coworking space would provide you with your own business address, this means that you would have a place for them to look for you, which dramatically increases your credibility.

There is a Chinese saying that translate into "Fine feathers make fine birds", and that is the same concept in every aspect in your life which includes your house, your attires and others. Just like how a doctor would wear a doctor's robe instead of wearing a normal, casual clothes. A very well designed space represents that you are professional and trustworthy in the eyes of the client and investors.


With a group of like-minded people whom are on the same path of growing their business, your coworker would be likely to need assistance from you as well. Through the networking in the coworking space, you get to make relationship with business owners and also executives that would eventually become your friends and that would be a very valuable asset in the future.

In the reality of working society, networking is one of the most important key for success. We understand that starting out in the new society, it is normal to have a low network, which is why a coworking space creates the environment where people are encourages to have inter-community relationships to help nurture new business with brilliant ideas!

For all the reasons mentioned above, Quarters Coworking Space is the to-go place because unlike other coworking spaces in the market, Quarters Coworking Space does not aim to go into the property industry where getting full house is the main goal, but a community builder that would be able to help with young entrepreneurs and the birth of the new innovative ideas that would help the future.

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